Help needed during Corona-virus Crisis – the foodbank will stay open!!

17th March 2020

We are all affected by the coronavirus situation, most acutely, will be those who use and will have to use our foodbank. We want to encourage all our donors and members of the community not to forget to continue to support us through these challenging times. We could not do what we do without the support and help of volunteers and the many within our community who give food, money and their time to the foodbank. The recent response and support we have received recently have been most humbling, from one donor who gave us £10,000 to ensure we can buy food and continue to do what we do, we have received numerous food donations and people within our community are continuing to offer help in whatever way they can.

What we need now is for all in our community to continue to give food to us and we especially need the following:

Tinned Vegetables

UHT/Longlife Milk

Tinned Fruit

Tinned meat

Tinned fish

Breakfast Cereals


All food donations can be handed in to our distribution centres and in particular, North Leith Parish Church, 1a Madeira Place, EH6 4AW any Monday night between 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm or Tuesday morning from10am to 12 am or South Leith Parish Church Halls at 6 Henderson Street, Leith, EH6 6BS Mon to Friday from 9 am to 1 pm.


Thank you so much for all the support and we will continue to do remain open during this crisis

Rev Iain May

Chair, NE Edinburgh and Leith

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